Look to First Gate for Florida Manufactured & Mobile Home Insurance

For retirees ready to downsize, snowbirds seeking inexpensive vacation homes and lower-income families, manufactured and mobile homes offer a more affordable housing option than traditional homes. In fact, manufactured and mobile homes remain the housing of choice for thousands of Floridians. Over the past decade, the number of licensed Florida parks with 10 or more lots has remained steady at about 2,350.

First Gate provides agents and brokers throughout the country with Florida manufactured and mobile home insurance programs from the portfolio of markets with which we work. We can provide you with a total insurance solution that includes:

  • Physical Damage coverage to protect the mobile home against fire, lightning, theft, vandalism, water damage from bursting pipes, windstorms, flood, among other perils. Coverage can also be designed to include damage to tie down anchoring systems.
  • Liability coverage to protect against losses from personal injury claims in the event someone is injured on the property.

We can also provide replacement cost coverage for the structure and personal property contents.